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The atmosphere at Angel’s Pilates is the perfect place to change your life in a positive way. Our professional and qualified trainers will work with you to tone your body and enhance your body control. Back and joint pain will stay in the past, whilst we improve your body posture without any physical strain. Your smile is our priority through out your entire visit, and if all this sounds too good, come and see for yourself.

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Our Team


А professional judoist, multiple times republican champion, medalist in European judo cups. Nowadays Nataly studies at the National Sports Academy – profile „Physical Education Teacher and Judo Coach“, and now it is a certified Pilates trainer.


Former practitioner of Judo and Sambo. Currently studying Kinesiotherapy at the Medical University of Sofia. She’s interested in sports medicine and working with sports practitioners. Her classes combine her academic studies and personal experience.


Former biathlon contestant. She believes that a strong body ‘speaks’ about a strong mind. That’s why she’s most passionate about sports that combine breath and movement, especially Pilates and yoga.


Former gymnast with multiple medals from national and international contests. Currently studying for a trainer’s degree at the National Sports Academy. Her classes combine exercises for all muscle groups and effective stretches to make the body more supple and flexible.

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